About Latin Organics:

Latin organics is committed to providing a range of high quality and affordable organic food from the Peruvian Andes, which have strong nutritional profiles and health benefits. These organic products are carefully chosen are are locally packaged and processed. The founder, Carlos Serrudo, is of Peruvian descent and has formed many long term partnerships with his Peruvian farmers and aims to bring these high quality foods to the UK market.

Latin Organic's Values:

Delivering Healthy Foods: Our range of high quality organic superfoods are delicious and have many health benefits. We recognise that good nutrition is an important part of a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Supporting Organic Farmers: Latin Organics proudly sources directly from local Peruvian farmers to ensure the highest quality and best prices.In addition, the products are processed and packaged locally. Therefore, our customers directly support the farmers’ local economy and their livelihoods.  Furthermore, Latin Organics proudly contributes to local charities which improve their communities’ living conditions.

Protect the Environment: Our affiliated organic farmers use renewable resources and methods to ensure the conservation of the soil and water, while protecting animal welfare.