Organic Maca Powder
  • Organic Maca Powder
  • Organic Maca Powder

Organic Maca Powder

VAT included

Organic Maca Powder

✓ Healthy addition to protein shakes and smoothies

✓ Gluten free

✓ Organic from Peru

✓ USDA and EU Certified

Size: 200 g
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What is Maca Powder?

Our product is the orginal "Maca Junín-Pasco' Appellation of Origin.  

Latin Organic’s Maca Powder is a high-quality powder sourced from the dried root of Maca plants, grown at high altitudes in the Peruvian Andes. Due to its diverse nutritional profile, Maca powder is considered a “superfood” by nutritionists, and forms an important part of the local diet and culture.

Nutritional profile:

·      Low glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrate

·      Provides many essential amino acids

·      Contains many minerals (potassium, calcium, copper, iron and manganese) and vitamins (vitamin C, B2, and B3)

·      Good source of fibre

The legend

"During the height of the Incan empire, Incan warriors reputedly consumed maca before entering into battle to make them fiercely strong. But after conquering a city the Incan soldiers were prohibited from using maca, to protect the conquered women from their powerful sexual impulses. From as far back as five hundred years ago, maca’s reputation for enhancing strength, libido and fertility was already well established in Peru. " (Source:

This can be just a leyend, who knows...

Use and Recipes:

We recommend adding one teaspoon (5g) to your favourite smoothie, juice or protein shakes. Maca powder is suitable for people who follow gluten free or low GI diets.

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